Sacred Sexual Magic as a Tool of Manifestation


The Teachings of the Seer Almine

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Seven Perspectives Masculine

Sacred Sexuality — Key to Enlightenment

The core principle that life uses to regenerate itself, is sacred sexuality. Where it is honored, life flourishes. Where it is misunderstood and disrespected, life becomes impoverished. Nowhere is it more misunderstood than amongst humanity. Join us and learn how to re-establish sexuality as a sacred ritual so that it may bring balance and fertility to all life.

About Rogier

Having spent 7 years working closely with The Seer Almine, to help support and establish her role and work as the leading mystic of our time, Rogier has had the benefit of her close instruction and miraculous presence. He was initiated by Almine as Grandmaster of the Runes and Grandmaster of Belvaspata. He brings this sacred information with her blessing.

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Day 1-3 (October 2-4) Precursor to Sacred Sexual Magic: Becoming the Bridge of No Time
Day 4-5 (October 5-6, only for those who participated all three previous days) Sacred Sexual Magic: With and Without Partner

Early bird registration price (October 2-4) — $500 (through September 1, 2015)

Registration beginning September 1, 2015: US $550.00

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Early bird registration price (October 5-6) — $550 (through September 1, 2015)

Registration beginning September 1, 2015: US $600.00

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Please, note: Anyone without a passport from a former Soviet Republic MUST obtain a visa to attend. Visas are required for all visits to Russia. Please consult theRussian embassy site for information on obtaining tourist visas provided by the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. or contact your local Russian embassy when not resident in the US. Your passport needs to be valid 6 months past the date of the expected departure from Russia.

Location: MOLODYOZHNY Hotel
Russia, Moscow,
27/1 Dmitrovskoye Shosse
Phone: + 7 (495) 782-90-00- single multichannel

Rogier was trained by The Seer Almine for 7 years and witnessed first-hand the revelation of many of her teachings. When reality shifted fundamentally in December 2014, his role changed to that of one teaching the world about Almine and her cutting-edge mysticism. These days Almine instructs him both in the awake and dream states, and recently revealed he is to teach the becoming of the Bridge of No Time.

Day 1 (October 2):

  • Healthy Body, Enlightened Mind
  • Opening the Secret Resurrection Points
  • Healing the Brain
  • Dissolving the 4 Mirrors of the Vertical Axis
  • Living the Goddess Archetypes
  • Affirmations for the Spine
  • Ceremony for the Skin, Joints & Muscles
Day 2 (October 3):

  • Fragrance Alchemy: Clearing the 12 Meridians — Opening the Potential for Becoming the Bridge of No Time
  • Activating the High Heart
  • Dissolving Old Dramas Through Inner Space
  • The 24 Inner and Outer Chakras
  • The Tones of Fertility
  • The Tones of Harmlessness
Day 3 (October 4):

  • Fragrance Alchemy of the High Heart
  • Fragrance Alchemy & Belvaspata for Sexual Abuse
  • The Lemurian Clock of the Depth of Living
  • The Bird Clock (Advanced Level)
Day 4-5 (requires day 1-3 participation) (October 5-6):

  • Theory and Practice of Sacred Sexual Magic
  • Divine Compassion
  • Alchemy of Relationship
  • 7 Perspectives of the Masculine and Feminine
  • Field of Hope

The prison of the matrix can only be kept in place though the suppression of the true feminine and the distortion of sexual power. If the true feminine was present, and we understood our sexual power, there would be nothing that can bind us.

The tools of Sacred Sexual Magic, however, have remained hidden because of the potential for misuse and the destruction that may follow. Throughout the aeons sexuality has been corrupted by black magic intent, and even that which we commonly understand to be sacred sexuality — Tantra — does not escape duality and polarity.

The protocol of sexual magic is quite simple, but a substantial amount of preparation is required in order to prepare your energetic fields for its power. Furthermore, intent by itself is not enough for white magic. First, the brain must be healed so that the pineal gland does not operate as a black magician. Secondly, the ordinary and extraordinary meridians must be cleared so that they don’t perpetuate distorted emotions and illusions of perception. Furthermore the initiate must practice Living the Goddess Archetypes, which will allow the true feminine to be activated in our being.

Two protocols of Sacred Sexual Magic will be provided: alone and with a partner. Because of this second option we will also look at the Alchemy of Relationship, and the way to transcend the human relationship paradigm of conflict and stagnation.

At the end of this retreat you’ll possess all the tools and understanding required to wield the power of Sacred Sexual Magic in your life.