The Institute of Runes
Webinar-course: New Runes of the Infinite Mother
Basics and Practical Application

Лого Institute of runes

Translation was provided by Sergey Achkasov

Registration: $550.00

8 webinars

The benefit of the webinars is in immediate practical applications of the methods, which were performed by Ella in a group setting, you not only receive information, but participate in experiencing it on the deepest level, in the alchemy of the group work, which is being felt even though it is a recording.

The work was done in timelessness and those who study from the recorded version have the same experience as if they would participate live…

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You will learn:

  • how to use the Rune sets for manifestation and divination;
  • how to receive accurate guidance with the help of the Runes (yes/no answers for the current day);
  • how to manifest beneficial outcomes in harmony with Infinite Intent;
  • High Alchemy;
  • how to activate multidimensional perception;
  • nuances of practical application of the Runes (especially in the area of daily and weekly prediction spreads and some of the aspects of magic & manifestation spreads);
  • and much more.

Course participants will receive:
— full instructions;
— access to recordings of the webinars for study online at a time most convenient for you (duration of each webinar: 2,5 — 3,5 hours);

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Presenter: Ella Yelinek, Spiritual Master, teacher, healer. Co-president and certified teacher of Almine’s International Academy of Spiritual Mastery, Space-holder for Eastern Europe of the new Holy Runes of the Infinite Mother – initiation received directly from Almine.


672 New Runes (96 runes each from 7 Sacred Libraries) represent inner senses of an evolved being – inner portals within the human body that are activated by the process of working with the Runes. As a result of working with these Runes, a potential is activated that has been unavailable to most people. A reality shift occurs, and you have the opportunity to see the subtle causes behind the material world that prevent you from achieving what you desire – in work, love, relationships, family, financial matters and more.

As opposed to other runes and symbolic divination systems, which have their origins in human paradigms and belief systems, the New Runes of the Infinite Mother, as a very timely gift from the Infinite, were given as an instrument for going beyond the current limits of human perception and for expanding consciousness. Use of the New Runes promotes the development of consciousness to the maximum scope possible.


Practical webinar course including never-before-released techniques and activations from Almine

6 webinars

Resurrection and Ascension are often used interchangeably although they are completely separate phenomena.

Ascension is a most sought-after state of exaltation in the eyes of truth seekers, but

Resurrection is a more evolved expression of spiritual achievement.

The resurrected being has transcended the linear progression through cycles.


The “Untaintable Existence” webinar course includes deep meditative practices with new sacred wheels and sigils, Angel Gods, deep integration of principles, and activation of the resurrected life.

Hadji-KaHadji-ka Meditation, mp3
Available now!
A unique musical meditation that uses technology to synchronize the functioning of the brain hemispheres.
Very deep immersion.
Almine sings in the language of the Infinite Source, accompanied by meditative music.

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Blessings to you all! I have wished to express in words the feelings of gratitude for the Rune and Untaintable Existence courses and the results in my being from the alchemy of all participating. I cannot find the words and I think you know what I mean. There are no words only immense changes within and growing praise, gratitude, trust, and Divine Compassion. I have come to a place also of great joy in living and unfolding revelations of self within the Infinite. I am also being brought into a deeper more joyous experience of practicing Belvaspata and the experience within of being a Grand Master. Ella, Sergey, Ekaterina, and all who work to bring these courses into reality thank you for this great blessing. Also, a humorous experience I had with Sergey’s music — I purchased The Infinite album and couldn’t figure out why I did not like the music. It was like many notes were missing. I knew it was something within me and asked to know what was » going on». Well I listened again to the Infinite song and all the music was there for me to hear — it was wonderful! I was afraid to experience the depth of release of emotions. Your music led me through a most joyous experience. I danced within and throughout the Universe!
With great love for you all,